You were chasing after me smiling

when I was lost in a crowd.

I didn’t know who you were

but I felt you wanted me

and that was just what I needed.

To feel wanted.

I thought I was sure you weren’t like the other boys.

Looking for someone to love, not to lust.

But I was wrong. 

After a while, I noticed the magic was gone

And for weeks I cried

trying to pick out all the things wrong with me,

thinking it was me.

It wasn’t me

I was so busy falling in love with you, 

I didn’t realize, you weren’t falling in love with me.

I didn’t realize that you were lying when you said you loved me.

I didn’t realize that you were already tiring of me

And then I did.

And now I’m still trying to hold on.

but now I don’t feel anything.